Contributing Code to ToyNet
So, you want to help and contribute code to ToyNet? Welcome! This page will go over how you can contribute code to our codebases. If you are new here and don't want to contribute code, feel free to check out the multiple other ways you can contribute to Project Reclass.


ToyNet is made up of several different services and projects.
  • ​ToyNet React - The frontend service for the ToyNet emulator and learning platform.
  • ​ToyNet Flask - The backend service for the ToyNet emulator and learning platform.

How to Contribute Code

We keep our issues public on GitHub. Any issue that has a help wanted tag is up for grabs. If you see an issue that you want to work on, feel free to comment on the issue to let everyone know that you are working on it! Once you have hacked some code together, please see our pull request checklist to submit your code for review.
Once you have been assigned a ticket, make sure that you update the issue with any progress that you make. After a week of seeing no updates, someone will ping you on the GitHub issue to check to see how it is going. Important: If there have been no updates for over a week and no response, we will remove you from the ticket.
Last modified 3mo ago